Latest tech trends for smartphones

Latest tech trends for smartphones

Over the years, the way that we communicate with family and friends has changed drastically. Only a few decades ago, if you wanted to connect with your colleague from work, then you'd need to phone them on their house phone and leave a message if no-one responded. Now, we have gadgets that provide countless ways to reach out to people around the world, using downloadable apps, social media, and more.…continue reading →
  • 20-12-17
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  • Revolutionary VR Software to Help Lottery Winners

    Revolutionary VR Software to Help Lottery Winners

    VR technology is getting more and more advanced, which makes it accessible to a wide variety of markets. This means that it can be taken well past the gaming industry and introduced to brand new niches that could make use of this type of technology. And just to show you how far it has gotten already, we’d like to tell you about a VR software created for new lottery winners to help them deal with the reality of being wealthy.…continue reading →
  • 19-12-17
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  • Best tech to keep you connected while travelling

    Best tech to keep you connected while travelling

    Having your phone charged up and ready for use is a necessity pretty much wherever you go in the world. Whether it be for contacting friends and family at home or capturing every moment on your camera and sharing it with the world, making sure you’re connected is vital for your travelling experience. Depending on where you are going and the nature of your trip, certain charger types and techniques will be more suitable than others, but the bottom line is, no matter what your situation, there is certainly a device that will suit your needs. Whether you’re going trekking in the mountains or laying on the beach all day, read through this article and you’ll know exactly which charger type you need for your journey.…continue reading →
  • 17-08-17
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