Hello and welcome to Bateleurs.

My name is Karl Peters and I am the founder and leading contributor of Bateleurs, a site dedicated to the modern man.

Growing up in Dagenham, I was raised in a house full of women and l am forever thankful for the way I was borough up. Many think that growing up without a father is a bad thing, that I will miss that male role model but when you’re surrounded by such strong willed and caring figures such as my mother, grandmother and two older sisters, there really isn’t more I could have asked for.

I do admit, growing up in this environment has ensured I am good with the ladies. I know how to treat women in the right way, I know how to sweet talk my way into and out of situations and I just love women.

Bateleurs aims to be the ultimate site for young men, who aspire to be better, whether that be in business, love or life in general.

Bateleurs is an eclectic mix for the modern man, from guides on how to date to reviews the latest gadgets, where are the best places to host a stay do and fitness tips and more serious issues such as men’s health and general life advice.

Bateleurs - About

Bateleurs is the place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on how to upgrade your life, with many men, just life yourself offering tips and advice on how to do just that!

Connecting with a group of lads of the same mindset is something I find particularly important to self-confidence and growth. However, I do understand that there is a difference between laddish conversations and what men really think. Bateleurs doesn’t shy away from lads culture and there will be areas which feature a lot of banter and therefore may not be for everyone. But collectively Bateleurs is a site for every man who simply wants to better themselves.

Here at Bateleurs, we welcome guest posting and I love to hear the opinions of other young men, if you have something to say, want to write a review of city, then please do not hesitate to visit our contribute page.

Alternatively, if you have a suggestion for Bateleurs or want to ask me a question, then please follow the contact me page.

If you aspire to run your own business, if you aspire to own a Rolex or drive a Porsche, then Bateleurs is for you.

We inspire the aspiring and I welcome you to join our community.