Are you making the most out of all a dentist in Sydney CBD can do?

Turn over a new leaf

In the past, people only really visited their local dentist in Sydney CBD when they absolutely had to. Visits to the dentist consisted primarily of combatting toothache or decay, or repairing dental trauma. Whilst these remain principle duties of a dentist, today there is a new breed of patients who turn to their local practice, seeking out treatments that extend far beyond the medically necessary, and into the cosmetic. Procedures which have been designed to maximise a patient’s natural beauty, and combat superficial issues or concerns that they may have with their smiles have grown in popularity rapidly in recent years. That being said, there are still a number of people out there who aren’t fully aware of the cosmetic enhancements and advantages that their local dental practice could potentially provide them with – or the benefits that such treatments could have on their lives.

What options are out there?

Anyone who has been left in the dark about the number of cosmetic dentistry options that are out there needn’t worry. There are numerous different medical and dental procedures which have been designed and engineered to deal with one or more specific cosmetic problems that patients are faced with dentally. A lot of us wish we could change an aspect of how our teeth look, although for some these wishes are far more severe and drastic. Those who have teeth which they are unhappy with can often find this is something which can be solved through cosmetic dentistry. They often find that the way their smile looks has a massively detrimental impact on the way that they are treated by others, and on their own sense of self-esteem. By speaking to a professional cosmetic dentistry expert however, those who need treatment can review all of their available options with a professional who will guide them through what they need to know, and what they can expect the results to be of any treatment

Discreet dental aligners

Having teeth which are crooked or disjointed is one of the most common dental concerns. Many adults are put off seeking out the dental help that they need out of fear, or misunderstanding of how the treatments they may undertake will impact on the way that they look. In truth, however, there are now a number of methods which a patient can use to align their smile which are far more discreet and hidden than traditional forms of orthodontics. Discreet dental aligners such as Invisalign, for example, do not operate through the use of conventional orthodontic methods (such as the use of wires and fused brackets) but rather consist entirely of a plastic tray. This tray has been made to fit over the patient’s teeth perfectly – as it has been constructed from a mould of the interior of their mouths – and when it is placed over the patient’s teeth it is almost completely undetectable. Constructed within the tray, there are specifically targeted pressure points, which are used in place of brackets or wires to gently and gradually shift the patient’s teeth until they are in their desired positions.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Written by Karl Peters

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