Your Top Life Hacks to Become a Legitimate Trader

Your Top Life Hacks to Become a Legitimate Trader

Have you always silently hoped to become a successful financial investor? Perhaps you desire to rise to the level of Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street with the help of the Forex markets or the commodities sector. While some would consider such aspirations to be entirely unrealistic, others firmly believe that willpower and the correct strategies can lend validity to these dreams. Let's take a look at some of the top life hacks to keep in mind if you are just starting out.…continue reading →
  • 22-11-17
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  • Basic Car Maintenance Tips

    Basic Car Maintenance Tips

    Maintaining a car means a lot more than just driving it to the mechanic’s when you hear a bumping noise under the hood. There are some things that need to be constantly checked, regulated, readjusted or refilled. A car should be considered a big responsibility, not just because of the money you are investing in it every day, but mostly because not taking good care of your car puts you, as well as all other drivers, at huge risk. Here are a few things you should especially pay attention to when it comes to regular maintenance of your car.…continue reading →
  • 21-11-17
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  • 6 Ways To Stay In Shape As A Student

    6 Ways To Stay In Shape As A Student

    Obesity is one of the most common reasons many people develop various diseases. And when it comes to finding the causes of obesity, we see fast foods, no care while eating, no workouts and sitting all the day while working. This is the basic right of everyone to know how they can stay in shape at the young ages. Exercises and workout habit at this age will come in handy when you will be old. Let’s see how you can stay in shape as a student.…continue reading →
  • 15-11-17
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  • A Guide to Buying a Quality Used Car at an Affordable Price

    A Guide to Buying a Quality Used Car at an Affordable Price

    Sounds impossible, right? The fact is, if you know where to look, you can pick up a very tidy car that is fully guaranteed, and all for a reasonable price. More and more British drivers are realising that the very high cost of buying new is not a practical road to follow, and for the price of a mid-range new model, one can obtain a quality car that is no more than 18 months old. A new car loses value like a bucket full of holes, with as much as 13% off the value, as soon as you drive it away from the forecourt, and this means a 12-18 month old vehicle is that much more affordable, and it has yet to reach the point where it is no longer in pristine condition.…continue reading →
  • 14-11-17
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