Dating in the modern world is hard!

Nowadays it’s all swiping right, emojis and one-night stands but among all the Tinder lovers there are still young people out there who want to find love, who want to be wined and dined and are looking for the one.

Not everyone is a natural dater, but there are a few key tips that I want to share with my readers.

These are tips that I have gained following many years of single life, I have talked to my friends both male and female, and selected the top 10 dating tips for men.

Remember Your Manners

A little etiquette goes a long way, especially when courting so remember your manners, open the car door, and be a gentleman.

This doesn’t just mean on the first date, it doesn’t take much to be a gent and treat your partner right, and it will go a long way in helping you to keep hold of them.

Be Confident

First dates are hard enough without the awkward silences, so ask questions, be confident, and be yourself.

Everyone gets nervous but confidence is an attractive trait so even if you have to put on a front for a little while, you’ll soon relax and be confident in yourself. If you wish, using products like those from True Pheromones could help by discreetly giving off attraction hormones that have the potential to boost confidence and improve courtship.

Keep Off Your Phone

Maybe one of the most important.

It’s rude enough being on your phone when having dinner or when in the company of someone else but to use your phone on a date is downright unacceptable.

So, come off social media (I’m sure you can live without it for 2 hours), put your phone on silent, and don’t check it – unless you want your date to feel like they’re boring you.


Find something you both like to do

It is imperative to keep the choices of both people in mind when planning a date. You cannot just prioritize your desires, disregarding what your potential partner wants.

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing is less-respectful than this. Say that you want to spend the date night savoring the most sumptuous Italian meals at an Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

If that is the case, ask whether your partner agrees to this. If you would want to spend the evening at a club sipping some tasty beverages, then convey this to your date and learn about their preferences. It is better to pursue mutual interests than to pursue individual ones.

Offer to Pay

This is a big debate within my circle of friends but I like to do it the traditional way and pay for the first couple of dates. If you think they may be the one or that there may be some sort of future, then next time you can go halves or offer to go for a drink, on them.

Top tip: This is a good way to extend the date!

Keep it Real

If by the end of the date, you don’t feel that ‘spark’ everyone talks about then don’t tell them you will be in touch! Honesty goes a long way and the quicker you get the conversation out of the way the better. Don’t pretend you like her if you don’t, don’t tell her you’ll call if you’re not going to, it’s basic manners.


Try to Relax

As I said, everyone gets nervous, especially on the first date.

Try to relax, head to someone where you both can relax, and enjoy the conversation. If you’re right for each other, things will flow naturally and after the initial introductions, you should feel a bit better but just remember, nerves are good!

If need be, take a shower with some CBD-based bath soap, or take some tincture like the ones available at mellow cbd or just watch a comic skit before meeting that person. The aim is to calm the nervousness and look as confident as possible. Confidence is the key to winning!

So there you have some of my top tips for dating– do you have anything you’d like to add? Let me know by getting in touch.