Home décor for the perfect man cave

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home or have decided to redecorate a spare room in your family home, few tasks are quite as satisfying as furnishing and accessorising a man cave. You’ve perhaps had to play it safe across other, more conservative corners of your home. However, this is your opportunity to put everything that you’re passionate about first.

What will your man cave look like?

Go for comfort

Consider how you’ll be using your man cave. Are you going to be gaming, enjoying a home cinema experience, or catching up with a few tabletop tournaments? Your man cave’s main function will determine the furniture that you choose and, to a certain extent, the décor. Prioritise comfort. Large, comfy chairs and sofas are a must, as is a specialised gaming chair. The odd pillow and throw won’t hurt either. If you need some tips on how to make your home cosier, you can find them over at Ur Design Mag.

Think about colour

Neutral shades may have become the order of the day across the rest of your home, but your man cave is where all the rules can be broken. If you’d like to experiment with colour, then go for it – but be mindful of how often you’ll be staring at those bright-coloured walls. Contrasting colours such as slate grey and white can work well together. A white feature wall would make a great cinema screen to pair with a brand-new projector. Alternatively, stick to more neutral wall colours and add funky posters or signs to really pop out. If you are a superhero fan, maybe consider Wonder Woman posters or Avengers posters for your man cave. Doing this will really make your room personal and give it a modern look.

Protect your privacy

If you’d like to protect your privacy without shutting your curtains 24-hours a day, then think about installing plantation shutters, which will enable you to filter light into your home. Shutters are great in smaller rooms as they can increase the flow of warm or cool air into your home without blowing a gale. What’s more, that retro look has never gone out of fashion.

Pay homage to your passions

Accessorising your man cave is going to be fun! Film memorabilia, gaming posters, musical merchandise and keepsakes are frequently found adorning man caves up and down the country. Of course, it’s completely up to you what you’ll pay homage to. What are your favourite pastimes? How could you best capture the moments that mean most to you?

Make it sociable

It’s important to be able to share your man cave with those you’re closest to, whether you install a bar or mini fridge or host regular gaming evenings. If your space is too small to accommodate many guests, then consider doing so virtually. These days, it’s possible to play with dozens of friends via a headset, games console and a shared interest in a particular platform.

Be savvy about storage

Consider installing an entertainment centre, sofa seating and floating shelves, as well as making clever use of display frames and a feature table. Of course, you could also cut back on the clutter and ensure that your man cave is reserved for your most treasured possessions.

Whatever you decide, we hope that you enjoy designing, decorating and inhabiting your man cave. Once the working day is over, few pleasures can beat retreating to your man cave in search of some quality “me time”. By all means, allow your family and friends to share your space, but don’t forget why you’ve created that haven in the first place.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.