Hot Tubs in Winter

Hot tubs are perfect in the summer heat, they raise your body temperature meaning that when you get out, you feel cooler in the warm air. Even on the cooler summer evenings, the heat keeps you feeling warmer. It is becoming popular to have a hot tub next to a log cabin similar to the ones found at in the woods or in your garden. This is because it has a natural, holiday vibe to it. However, when the heat drops dramatically in the winter, it can affect how you use and take care of your hot tub.

As long as you keep on top of the maintenance of your hot tub, then it is perfectly fine to use during the winter. On cooler days and nights you may be less likely to want to sit outside in the cold, even if the water is warm. Getting out of the hot tub can prove a little more difficult especially with the shock of the freezing cold air. If you do use your tub less often in the winter, then it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need cleaning as often as you would in the summer. The water is still sitting stagnant and the jets aren’t being used as often so there’s more opportunity for scum to collect on them.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why you will love log cabin living? Well, a log cabin with hot tub is a beautiful setting on a winter night to gaze at the stars and dream of warmer climates. It can be especially beautiful if there is snow on the ground on a clear night – plus it warms you up!

The low temperatures will mean that the surface area of the water will be a lot cooler, even with the cover on it. It may take a while longer for the hot tub to get up to temperature in the winter, so it’s worth thinking about the costs of this as it can majorly impact your electricity bill. This is something to think about when energy bills are usually a lot higher in the winter months anyway. One thing that can also skyrocket your bills is if you have an old hot tub that is sapping out all that energy as it tries to work. If this is the case with yours, then you may want to check out some ‘Hot Tubs Near Me‘ bargains so you are ready for those winter months without draining your supply.

It may also be worth it for your tub to invest in a good cover and a floating thermal blanket. If energy costs worries you, then having a good cover on your hot tub can stop the heat from escaping and pairing it with a floating thermal blanket, it can really keep the water temperature hotter so that the running costs are lower in the winter season and more like they would be in the summer.

It’s also important during the winter to keep your eye on the water levels, sometimes if the tub is out of use, it can be easy to forget to check on it. Having a look at the level of the water, and keeping them up can protect the tub from freezing. If the water levels are low then it’s easy for the cold temperatures to freeze the water, which can also damage some of the internal equipment in the tub itself.

If you want some more advice on hot tub holidays, whether they be in lovely hot tub lodges in the winter or cottages with hot tubs in the summer, take a look at this page to get a comprehensive overview of how to make the most of your trip:

One thing a hot tub is good for in winter is clearing your head if you’ve caught a cold. Although it is pretty unhygienic to spread your germs, if you shower before getting in the tub and letting yourself relax if you’ve got a cold, the steam and heat can really help clear your chest and sinuses, easing headaches and muscle aches. Obviously, you can use the tub for this at any point in the year but in the colder seasons, the hot tub is a good way of helping you feel a little better if you get ill.

Written by Karl Peters

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