How to Fix Eye Sight Problems

A majority of people develop eye sight problems with age. This is because the cells in our body become worn out with time and become less efficient at repairing and reproducing new ones.

The cornea, retina, lens and blood vessels in our eyes are also made up of cells that become weaker at reproducing new ones. As the nerve cells become weaker, they start to lose their sensitivity to light and the transmission of signals to the brain also break down.

This deterioration is the major cause of disorders associated with vision and eye sight. Some of the more common problems that result in declining eyesight are as follows.


In this condition, small dots or specks start floating across the field of vision. It is easily noticeable outdoors or in a room with good lighting. They are a sign of detachment in the retina of the eye.


Pressure applied to the eye may cause it to squeeze into the optic nerve. Too much pressure may even damage the nerve which can lead to a loss of vision.

Glaucoma can be a life changing problem, which effects people’s sight significantly but luckily there are treatments that can help people to alleviate their symptoms. For example products like cannabis have been shown to reduce the effects of glaucoma, where cannabis can be purchased from weed dispensaries in MA and other areas.


This condition can build up with time. A person affected by presbyopia loses the ability to see objects up close or read very small print. The main reason this happens is because the eye loses the ability to contract and focus to close range.

Almost everyone is affected by this condition and it usually becomes noticeable after 40.

Corneal Disease

Damage to the cornea due to normal wear and tear or accidental injury can cause a decline in the ability to focus images at the retina.

Macular Degeneration

The macula is the central part of the retina. This disorder occurs due to problems with the macular region. Macular disorder is one of the leading causes of blindness in a number of countries.

Although the problem may start earlier it only becomes detectable in later stages. The disorder usually affects people when they are past the age of 50.


Cataracts form slowly over a long period of time. They are cloudy patches inside the eye lens and cause the vision to become smoky or blurred.

What Can You Do If You Have Eye Sight Problems?

If you detect unusual changes in vision like blurriness, temporary loss of eyesight or lingering spots you should immediately visit an optician or doctor to get your eyes examined. It is much easier to stop disorders at the initial stage than getting them corrected later on. If there are any major issues with your eyesight, you may be advised to visit an eye surgeon, like those at SharpeVision. They could perform eye surgery to ensure better vision is gained.

Waiting can make the problem become worse making it more expensive, painful and even lead to a loss of vision.

Even if you don’t detect any problems with your vision, it is a good practice to get your eyes examined, at least once in two years.

Laser Eye Surgery

Thanks to advancements in laser eye surgery methods, it has become possible to get many types of problems with vision checked. Today we are far better equipped to prevent blindness than before. can correct problems with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism that usually required prescription glasses for correction.

Eye surgery can also correct presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disease and macular degeneration.

While the cost of these procedures has been going down, the success ratio for patients is more than 96%. Research has also improved the complexity level of problems for which laser surgery can be used.

Written by Karl Peters

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