How to Set up Your First Skateboard

If you are interested in skateboarding or if you have been skating and just haven’t set up your own skateboard before, there are some things that you should know. A skateboard is made of three major components with some smaller components built into it. The main parts of a skateboard are the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. The deck is the wooden part of the skateboard that forms the bulk of the board; it is the part you stand on and the part that is most often replaced. The trucks are the metal components that connect the wheels to the deck. Obviously, the wheels are the part that rolls. When you are building a skateboard, you will have several different choices to make.

The Deck

Choosing a skateboard deck is a matter of choosing the right number of plies, the right width, and the right manufacturer. Each deck is made in a specific mould that you will need to choose. The different modes have different characteristics concerning the foot placement and their responsiveness to your movements. Determining the right mould for you will largely be a matter of testing out different styles. The size of the deck will usually vary in width but they tend to be pretty standard in length. A skinny skateboard deck is usually about 7” or 7.5” wide. These are for people with smaller feet. A larger deck will be as much as 8.5” or even slightly larger. These are for those with larger feet.

When you buy a skateboard online, most of them will be made of seven plies of wood. A very lightweight skateboard can be six plies. A very heavy board can be eight plies. Six-ply skateboards are for those who are very lightweight. Eight-ply boards are for heavier skaters.

The Trucks

The trucks connect the board to the wheels. Some people choose to include risers that are rubberised washers between the trucks and the deck. If you are a heavier skater or one who does a lot of large drops, risers can help because they help dissipate some of the force of your body weight. That will reduce the chances of stress cracks in your board around the bolts. Choosing trucks is a matter of choosing the right style. Typically, they’re made of a metal alloy. Lightweight trucks are easier to skate with but they might get damaged over time.

Also, make sure that you consider which bushings you like. Bushings are the rubberised washers that hold trucks together. Firmer bushings will allow you to create much tighter trucks. That will give you more control while skating but less forgiveness if you do not land squarely. Heavier skaters will need harder bushings as well.

Written by Karl Peters

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