Is oak right for you?

Within the modern timber industry many companies are now offering their customers an increasingly extensive range of wooden worktops, one popular example of which is an oak worktop UK.

Why choose a wooden worktop?

Many customers may be conflicted about choosing the right material for the new worktops within their home. Despite wooden countertops being an obvious choice for many individuals, the ever increasing variety of marble, laminate, and even metal kitchen tops are making the decision even more difficult! If you are considering receiving an oak worktop, but wish to know more about this particular material, then you may be tempted to read a few quick facts regarding the possible new addition to your home.

What makes an oak worktop unique?

Wooden worktops now come in a wide array of options, such as oak, cherry, walnut, beech, and even ash. Despite these choices however, oak is viewed as a traditional favourite by many customers, the reason for this may consist of a number of factors, oak was once described as the wood that ‘built England’, its pleasant warm appearance paired with its durable nature makes it an excellent choice for any customer.

Learning the history behind your oak worktop

When deciding between the materials of kitchen worktops many customers may wish to know more about their chosen wood, this is why many companies now display information regarding their range of countertops. The oak tree is known for not only its durability, but it also acts as a symbol of strength, and protection. Oak is not only a popular wood used for shelves, and kitchen tops, but it also serves a multitude of other purposes within the home.

How long will your oak worktop last?

Many individuals may consider a newly designed kitchen as a substantial financial investment, with this in mind therefore it is crucial that they choose a wooden countertop that stands the test of time within the home! Oak worktops are designed with durability in mind, oak grows to become 15% more dense than some other woods, therefore leading to an extremely hard-wearing timber surface that is sure to last a lifetime.

Is there more than one type of oak worktop available?

Yes! Many modern worktop companies are not only embracing quality within the wooden worktops they provide, but they are also choosing to offer their customers variety too! A few examples of the variety of oak worktops now widely available are prime oak, deluxe oak, and even deluxe rustic oak!

Feeling indecisive?

When faced with a myriad of choices for wooden worktops during a comprehensive kitchen refurbishment, it’s advisable to consider ordering samples from one of the selected kitchen remodeling companies. Numerous companies now provide a convenient ‘sample’ service to assist in decision-making. Opting for an oak sample, for instance, enables customers to assess not only the shade and texture of the wood in the natural light of their own kitchen but also ensures satisfaction with the quality of wood offered by their chosen provider. This hands-on approach empowers customers to make informed decisions about the aesthetics and functionality of the wooden worktops, contributing to a more personalized and satisfactory outcome for their full kitchen remodel.

How to take care of your new oak worktop

Recognizing the desire of customers to maximize the longevity of their wooden worktops, many companies have responded by offering comprehensive care instructions as part of their service. Understanding that wooden surfaces require special attention to preserve their beauty and functionality, these guidelines are invaluable for ensuring the enduring quality of the worktops within the home. Among the recommended practices, regular oiling stands out as a crucial step in maintenance. This not only enhances the natural luster of the wood but also forms a protective barrier against moisture and daily wear, thereby safeguarding the worktop from potential damage.

In addition to regular oiling, companies often advise on proper cleaning techniques to prevent the buildup of grime or stains that could compromise the appearance of the wooden surface. Appropriate precautions against excessive heat, moisture, and sharp objects are also typically included in these care instructions, empowering customers to adopt proactive measures in safeguarding their investment.

By providing a detailed list of care instructions, these companies not only contribute to the prolonged life of wooden worktops but also demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and the preservation of the aesthetic appeal of these essential kitchen elements. Customers, armed with this knowledge, can confidently maintain the beauty and functionality of their wooden worktops, ensuring that they remain a cherished and enduring feature in their homes.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.