There are so many ways to be the perfect modern man, but at Bateleurs, there’s a few things that are imperative for you to know and follow. Some may call them life hacks, we just call them life necessities. If you aren’t doing these then you need to start RIGHT NOW.

Jacket Buttons

For jackets, whether they be suits or coats or tailored jackets, should always follow the sometimes always never rule with regards to the buttons. Sound weird? Hear us out, it’s a legitimate rule. The top button should sometimes be buttoned, depending on your style. The middle button should always be buttoned; it pulls the coat in and makes for a flattering silhouette. The last button should never be buttoned; it messes up the flare and shape of the jacket. Pretty easy, now you’ll never forget.

Never Miss Leg Day

Too many men and boys focus solely on getting their upper body looking perfect, but what’s the good in a swole upper half if your legs look scrawny? Incorporate leg day into your gym routine and even out the muscle spread. Plus, girls love when men have strong legs and a nice bum. Trust us.

Get a Taste for Whisky

Whisky is the quintessential gentleman’s drink, but there are a few unspoken rules to live by. Don’t get your whisky with ice, as this waters the spirit down, but you can add a splash of water to help open the flavours and complexify the taste. You also shouldn’t drink whisky with a meal because it is a taste best enjoyed fully and completely by itself.

Buy a Rolex

There’s a lot of talk around Rolexes and they’re typically associated with a higher class of gentleman. There’s a reason for this, it is simply the best watch brand in the world and is worth every penny to get one on your wrist in pride of place. If you can’t quite afford to dig deep for a brand new one, you can pick up decent second-hand ones. Look out for a certificate of authenticity and if the watch has made in China written on it then it is fake.

Learn How to Tie a Tie Properly

Not just the way you were taught in secondary school. Learn a few different styles like the four in hand knot, Nicky knot, bow tie knot and the oriental knot. Having a few different techniques in your repertoire can help to mix up your tie game at events.

Buy a Really Sharp Knife

A good quality, expensive kitchen knife will last you forever and won’t need sharpening half as much. Buy one that’s versatile enough to use for everything and stop throwing money away on cheap knives. Also, a super sharp, quality knife will make cooking so much easier.

Only Wash Your Hair Three Times a Week

Overwashing can cause your scalp to produce more oils, making your hair greasier than it was in the first place in the long run. Abstaining from washing every day will help to make your hair fuller and feel healthier. And never shampoo your ends if your hair is long as this will dry them out and make them awful.

Get a Wet Shave

Bin the disposables and invest in a good straight razor. Learn how to properly wet shave without slicing your face off and reap the benefits of a smooth, flawless shave. If you can’t get the hang of it, always let your beard grow a little and visit a barber regularly for that freshly shaved look.

Be Nice to Women

The days of ‘girls love a bad boy’ are long gone. No female wants to be harassed, ogled or mistreated. To be a true gentlemen, you have to have more respect for any woman than you do for yourself. They carry our babies, wash our clothes, treat us right, the least we can do is respect them and show them that are just as valued in society and by society as men are.

Invest in Your Future

If you’re not happy with where you are in your life right now – why not? If your career isn’t heading in the direction you want to then think about your dream career and consider the steps it takes to get there. If it means night classes and the cost of an extra qualification then take all the steps you need to do to get there. This is your happiness we’re talking about – it’s got to be worth something.

Always Eat Your Steak Medium to Medium Rare

It’s undeniably the best way to eat steak and this is agreed by every top chef ever. You get the perfect mix of texture, taste and temperature. Anything past medium is considered a steak ruined and you may as well order something else.