Navigating the Precarious World of Internet Dating

If you still view internet dating with somewhat of a stigmatic eye, you need to get with the times and get with the program, because that’s where all the action is these days. You will get left behind in your archaic ways and miss out on the new frontier of online dating sites such as These provide you with the opportunity to find whatever it is you’re looking for in the form of anything that resembles romance.

That said, however, as much as online dating has to offer, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that finding someone is as easy as creating a profile, messaging someone, setting up a meeting, and living happily ever after. That’s not how it works. Some people can find it a hard transition to date exclusively online and are more inclined to meet people in person to get to know them face to face, that is why dating agency uk companies are popular as they can kind of mix the two.

People these days have a hard time finding dates organically. This has a lot to do with norms, but also with the fact that a lot of people have lost their sexual confidence, and they are not as open about sex as they used to be. This confidence can, however, be regained by reading up on sex and watching a bit of porn on sites like XXX Tube 1 and others.

Watching adult entertainment stuff can enlighten you on couple chemistry. You may come across a number of new poses and adult toys that could help initiate a conversation between you and your partner when the time comes. Of course, you would not want to appear as a clueless individual on sensual topics, which may risk your image being highlighted as rather prude. So, earning a bit of knowledge in whatever manner possible, be it by reading articles or checking out Cartoon Porno, could help you go a long way. Getting your mojo back is the first step in making your way into the online dating world.

After that, a good clue of the precariousness that comes with online dating should be the fact that online dating platforms are in effect a digital representation of the existing social construct that is dating in the real world. Yes, people tend to be a bit braver in the digital space and can perhaps express themselves much better through the passive channels afforded by online dating platforms, i.e. a profile that bears it all pretty much saves potential suitors the trouble of having to ask to find certain things out, but online dating can make for a very slippery slide.

I’m sure you’ve heard of catfishing – I mean, there’s an entire show about catfishing that airs all over the world and although you may think you’re immune to catfishing for whatever reason, it in effect affects everybody who is engaged in the activity of online dating. How so you ask?

You could be a good-looking fella who has his affairs in order and perhaps you even have some professional pictures of yourself which you choose to use on your online dating profile for instance. That’s all good and well except guys like these will rather surprisingly report being the ones who receive the least attention, if any at all. It’s perhaps not so surprising because this is one of the effects of catfishing at play.

Some of the ladies may think you’re a catfish when in fact you’re being as real as you are and so you miss out on a lot of positive action in this way.

To combat this you should update your profile and your pictures regularly, like adding pics that depict clearly identifiable recent events. Something like a pic at a recent sports match you went to will do or a concert, etc. Change your by-line regularly as well.

What you should also do is perhaps link your online dating profile with one or more of your social media accounts so that Doubting Jane has a more “natural” way of validating your legitimacy.

While we’re on the topic of social media, you could perhaps use platforms like Facebook to complement the dating sites you use, maybe as a more direct way of getting in touch with a potential match and getting to know them outside of the conventional communication channels made available by the typical dating sites, which are typically restrictive in their nature.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.