4 Ways to Improve Your Dealership Sales Performance.

4 Ways to Improve Your Dealership Sales Performance.

The current car dealership environment is not as it was ages ago. With advancements in technology and the growth of the online marketplace, prospective buyers don’t have to walk into a dealership to get information about the cars they desire. Dealerships are, therefore, faced with the challenge of finding unique ways to engage potential customers so as improve their sales even when the market is slow. This piece highlights 4 ways car dealerships should implement to improve their sales performance.…continue reading →
  • 28-11-17
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  • 5 top tips to get the best gym workout

    5 top tips to get the best gym workout

    Getting a balanced workout is crucial if we are to get the most benefit from our gym sessions. Everyone has their favourite equipment or area in the gym, but this can often lead to us undertaking an unbalanced workout as we steer clear of the things we don't enjoy. Using a wide range of equipment gives you the best chance of getting the most out of your workout.…continue reading →
  • 27-11-17
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  • Your Top Life Hacks to Become a Legitimate Trader

    Your Top Life Hacks to Become a Legitimate Trader

    Have you always silently hoped to become a successful financial investor? Perhaps you desire to rise to the level of Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street with the help of the Forex markets or the commodities sector. While some would consider such aspirations to be entirely unrealistic, others firmly believe that willpower and the correct strategies can lend validity to these dreams. Let's take a look at some of the top life hacks to keep in mind if you are just starting out.…continue reading →
  • 22-11-17
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  • Basic Car Maintenance Tips

    Basic Car Maintenance Tips

    Maintaining a car means a lot more than just driving it to the mechanic’s when you hear a bumping noise under the hood. There are some things that need to be constantly checked, regulated, readjusted or refilled. A car should be considered a big responsibility, not just because of the money you are investing in it every day, but mostly because not taking good care of your car puts you, as well as all other drivers, at huge risk. Here are a few things you should especially pay attention to when it comes to regular maintenance of your car.…continue reading →
  • 21-11-17
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