The 5 Essential Features of a Good Painter and Decorator

Everyone who has ever hired a painter and decorator, whether someone like this APMG commercial painter, or a residential painter, will have had an opinion about whether or not the person they hired was good or bad at their job. Still, it can be hard to describe what makes one painter and decorator better than another until you’ve worked with both at length. This list of features will help you pick out an excellent painter and decorator Bournemouth, from the start so that you won’t have to go through your first couple of jobs, hoping they’ll turn out alright.

1. Confidence

For any painting or decorating job, it’s important that you like your chosen professional. After all, it’s going to be them coming into your home regularly. It’s important that they respect your property, treat your family well and do top-quality work for an affordable price.

A confident painter and decorator will have no problem getting these basic requirements across to you; after all, they know their value as an expert in their field and are happy to share that with clients before anything else is discussed. A bad painter cannot convey confidence because he won’t have a strong sense of self-worth.

2. Honesty

Trust is something that takes time to develop, but for your relationship with your decorator to work well, it’s an absolute must. Trust is not just about believing what you’re told; it’s also about being transparent with your builder throughout the entire process – because when you trust them, they will be more likely to let you know if they think something won’t look right or could be done better. The relationship between homeowner and contractor can take years to build up, so if you start without mutual trust, it can become tough for any positive results later.

3. Organized

Painting and decorating are messy work. You don’t want to struggle with a disorganized worker whose tools are scattered around your property. A well-organized professional will be sure to bring all necessary tools, including ladders, power tools, paint cans, brushes, drop cloths, and others. They would likely also bring the required safety accessories such as a mask, gloves (like those available on, helmet, and other gear. They’ll also clean up after they finish working for you.

4. Good Reputation

A strong reputation is important to business success. It’s essential to build trust, as well as establish your credibility with the painter and decorator. A positive reputation leads to trust in the company or individual. To find a reputed painter, you can simply make a web search with words similar to “house painter near me“. The most reputed ones are sure to pop up at the top because they are usually backed by good customer reviews.

5. Punctual

A professional painter and decorator are always punctual. Being late for meetings with clients is one of the biggest mistakes that any tradesman can make. Punctuality demonstrates their level of professionalism as well as your respect for others, which will be reflected in how clients and colleagues alike view them.

A professional individual will be at least ten minutes early for meetings to show that they mean business from day one. Being on time shows clients they are serious about providing them with a quality service at all times. It also means that if there are any delays or unforeseen circumstances during an appointment, they will have plenty of time to inform you or sort out any problems without inconveniencing you by running late.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.