The Economic Advantage of Taking an International Trip

Unless they’re frequent travellers as well, when most of the people in your innermost circle of friends and family hear that you’re going on what is perhaps your second or third trip of the year, they cannot help but quiz you on just how much money you have/make. People think it’s really expensive to travel, but it’s only as expensive as you make it out to be.

What travelling does in actual fact is it gives you a chance to make full use of what can be a serious economic advantage, especially if you’re going to be crossing international borders. You have to know how to make full use of this advantage though, otherwise it is indeed just another expensive exercise – as expensive as people commonly make it out to be.

Duty-free shopping

Okay, so at first glance I guess one can say most of the stuff which is sold at those duty-free malls you find at airports doesn’t really make for some of those things you’d have essential use for, such as cigarettes, fragrances and generally stuff that would make for great gifts. If you are into expensive perfumes and the likes however, so too some of those goods which cost an arm and a leg in your own country, you should take full advantage of some great prices slapped on duty-free items. Max out your limit if you have to, particularly if you are indeed stocking up for friends and family as well.

Networking opportunities

With networking opportunities it’s as simple as making contacts with people who can work with you in some or other way that works out to your economic advantage, from offering you free accommodation when you visit their part of the world to perhaps something like setting up a cross-border business collaboration.

Freebies, special promos, and rebates/compensations

There is one rule when it comes to gaining an economic advantage through freebies, special promotions, rebates and compensations as part of your international travels and that is exhausting all avenues to find out what your travels make you eligible to receive. If you’ve had one of your flights delayed for example, you might be eligible for some compensation which can run up to over £500, otherwise you should also make sure to sign up to the likes of the loyalty programmes operated by airlines and booking agencies for accommodation, local transport, tour guides/groups, etc. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly something like your air-miles can add up to a point that you can perhaps get a free complementary flight or accommodation.

Residual specials

Once you fill out some or other form related to anything to do with your travels, furnishing the most basic of details such as providing your email address, you will forever be in some or other database or mailing list for special offers, adverts and promotions, but this can be a good thing if you don’t think of it as getting bombarded with sales offers.

Some of the discounts you might be offered have nothing to do with travelling per se, but can save you some good money in areas such as insurance, etc.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.