Tips to Care for Your Fiat’s Tyres in Sydney

A Fiat can last you long without problems if you care better for it. An important aspect of it is that of your tyres. After all, they’re the parts of your car that are exposed to the road elements the most. If you want to avoid problems with your car, you need to have the tyres in tip top shape. That’s because your Fiat’s performance depends on the tyres, as they help you turn and brake effectively.

1.     Be Careful About Your Fiat’s Tyre Pressure

Other than that, your tyre-pressure has a significant impact on your fuel economy. That’s right! According to estimates, each PSI drop in your tyre pressure in all 4 tyres, your fuel economy may drop by 0.3%. This may not seem like much but when you add up the fuel costs over the long term, things really do add up.

Extra friction of underinflated tires creates excessive wear and tear and that leads to costly replacements way sooner than actually would have been needed otherwise.

The side wall of your tyres show how many PSI is recommended. The range is usually from 30-35 PSI. You should stop frequently at a petrol station with a gas pump to fill your tyre pressure up to recommended levels. You can even ask a qualified service technician from help you out with the specifics at your next oil change.

2.     Keep Your Tyre Treads in Check

Believe it or not, your tyres can go bald. This is when they have low tread, which is incredibly dangerous as it reduces friction. This leads to unresponsive tyres which contribute heavily to poor braking and steering. Your tyre can blow up too, posing a significant risk to other drivers.

This is why your tyre tread should be checked regularly and you should avoid performing burnouts and spinning your tyres if you don’t want your tyres to wear out early. Other than that, you need to check tyre tread at intervals. It’s easy if you have a tread depth gauge to measure it.

But if you don’t you can do an old trick that works like a charm. It’s a penny test. People usually reference Lincoln’s head, but the Queen Elizabeth’s head on the 5-cent coin works just as well. Just turn the coin over and if the crown dips all the way between the treads when you insert it, without touching the hair, you may want to get your tyres replaced ASAP.

3.     Tire Maintenance and The Need for Rotation

When you get your tires rotated often, it allows your driving habits to have less of an impact on your tyre tread. This means that if your driving habits have worn down the tyre tread in certain parts more than others, rotating the tyres will help to even out the wear and tear of the tyre tread.

This helps you save out on your tire replacement times and elongates the life of your tyres. A good rule of thumb is to get them rotated every oil change.

Written by Karl Peters

Karl is a university graduate with years of experience in casual writing and freelance services. Always up to date on the latest trends and working hard to bring these trends to the forefront of the public eye. Lover of beer, dogs and cars and dedicated to being the best bachelor bro.