What should be expected when replacing a tooth?

Dental implants in Harley Street is a means of replacing missing teeth and is a treatment that has been successfully practiced for many years. This is a surgical procedure, even if it is a minor one, and does need to be performed by a professional dentist who has all of the adequate training, and the relevant experience, so that they are confident in handling any case they may face.

Patients do not understand the treatment as well as their dentists do. For this reason, it is important that a dentist goes through the procedure process in a patient and detailed way, so that they can alleviate any fears that their patient may have. And so that any questions can be answered, allowing them to feel more in control of their situation.

The treatment itself has a very high success rate and is popular due to the additional benefits it has over other treatment options that replace teeth. It is a long term solution which can last for several decades if cared for correctly. Problems around the jaw bone should not be experienced, as they can be with other treatment options, because the jaw is ideally stimulated by the titanium rod which is used as a replacement tooth root.

What exactly is the procedure?

Firstly, a scan is needed to obtain a detailed image of the patient’s mouth so that the dentist can determine the extent of bone loss, if there is any, and the condition of the mouth in general. There are many different routes, which both patient and dentist can take, in order to achieve the final result. The beauty of this procedure is that it is very adaptable to the different conditions that mouths have.

Who can have this treatment done?

Children who do not have all of their adult teeth are not recommended for this treatment. If they have lost a permanent tooth, it is beneficial for them to wait until their jaw bone has finished growing, and all their permanent teeth are through before considering this method of tooth replacement.

Most adults who have lost a permanent tooth can have this treatment done as long as they are in sound health. There is no upper age limit, so older generations can enjoy having a fully functional smile again where their dentures no longer slip and rub. For teeth replacement, however, you will need clearance from a professional dental expert before you can go forward with the treatment. You can explore dentists on websites similar to https://serphomeliving.com/dental/best/illinois/glenview/ to find a clinic near your location and discuss all the ins and outs of this treatment to prepare accordingly.

There is a treatment known as ‘all-on-four’ which can secure dentures so that patients can enjoy eating, drinking and laughing again, knowing that they will no longer experience embarrassing situations. They can remove or replace their dentures whenever they want with the use of specialised clips to hold dentures on to four implants placed strategically around their mouth.

By speaking with a dentist about tooth implants, patients are discovering that their smile can be enjoyed again without concern for their appearance, or the functionality of their teeth. There is a solution for many common complaints with this treatment program, and a dentist will be happy to go through the finer details during a consultation.

Written by Karl Peters

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