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That’s a lot of topics. With a lot of information. We like to think we keep on top of things here at Bateleurs, and we’ll never be the last to know about something, but we encourage our community to get involved and share their thoughts and tips on how to be the ultimate man.

Bateleurs would like to invite you to help contribute to this site that we have built from the ground up, adding your flair to our unique blog with your own writing. If you want to be featured on Bateleurs, read on to find out how!

Our Site

You’ve come this far, so you must have an inkling about what we’re all about, but let’s break it down. We are a blog that helps the modern man keep up to date with all the things he needs to excel in his personal life, as well as the personal indulges that make life worth living. We look at the latest cars and technology releases, review blockbuster films, keep you up to date with fashion and grooming and give you tips on how to lifehack. Simply put, we make content for the bachelors of this world.

The Content

We’re a friendly bunch here at Bateleurs, a little personality goes a long way and we want yours to shine through in your writing. Read through our previous posts and see if your writing style matches up, the post should be informative, well researched and add real value to the site.

The actual topic can be anything you can dream up, as long as it falls in line with the general theme of the blog. Be creative, be imaginative and be ORIGINAL.

Got an idea in mind? Great! Onto the specifications.


The Specs

  • SEO Title
  • 500 words minimum
  • Clear structure throughout
  • Paragraphs
  • Research
  • Original picture OR picture prompts
  • Tags indicated and presented in list format

Submitting A Guest Post

Once you’ve prepped and polished your piece, drop us a line with your name, title and a short excerpt of the article below.

It really is that simple! We love to hear from our visitors with their bright ideas and great opinions, so get in touch today to be featured on the site!

We do love to hear from you when you submit a guest post. Hearing your ideas and tips can benefit our readers! If you want to submit an article, then visit our contribute page and read our guidelines.

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Travel
  2. Technology
  3. Finances
  4. Health & Fitness
  5. Gardening & DIY
  6. Motoring
  7. Sports
  8. Grooming
  9. Relationships – Dating
  10. Food, Drink & Nightlife Guides